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Getting started on what I learned is impossible! I learned so much that I do not even know where to start! One of the ongoing things I learned and will continue to use is delicious. I love that it provides the opportunity to use it from any computer. It is also so easy to use. As all of my tags are educational ones if a lesson falls through I can always turn to my Delicious tags and pull something from there. The simplicity of utilizing it in the classroom is fabulous.   

Below I have added a simple HOW TO video about Delicious. This video provides a short introductory on how to use Delicious.

       Another thing that I learned that I can see utilizing in the classroom regularly is google docs.
This form of technology is going to be useful because it can be used in a variety of ways. I love how an assessment can be created and the results are reported to you. I love how anyone with the link can change the document although, that in the same token is one of its down falls in my opinion. As far as social learning this is a great tool because the students can work together and have one outcome that is technology advanced and incorporates the classroom lesson of the day. 
      Outside of the classroom I had seen google doc's before but I did not understand or take the time to learn how to use them. This class has opened my eyes to that and now if I know I am not going to be able to work from my laptop for some reason I save my document to my google doc's and can pull it up from any computer. I have also turned some of my co-workers and fellow classmates to this same strategy. By doing this it also ensures that your document is never going to be lost or deleted. For example if your computer crashes and you loose all of your work. If it was saved to google doc's it is still going to be there. 

   Below I have provided a simple HOW TO regarding google docs.
    I have honestly have taken something away from every class meeting that we have had but the final 2 technology that I do and will be utilizing in the classroom is voki and jing. With the little time it took in class to create my jing video about :how to use voki" I went to school and during our computer lab time showed the students the video and they created a voki and we are going to use if for plays and story telling during our language arts time.
  I loved the idea that voki could be used for substitute teachers on how to use the attendance software or provide the lesson plans for the day. As well as children, educators also learn in different ways. By providing another educator with a visual and an auditory lesson plan they might take more away from what you provide. 
  As a special educator I love the idea that they voki can be repeated. As some students have troubles following multi step directions or may forget the first direction that was given to them they can watch the voki over and over! This is an amazing  tool so the regular classroom teacher does not have to spend an outrageous amount of time creating a special lesson plan. 

  I have provided a video introducing voki and a HOW TO video below. 
  Jing is the final technology that I am going to write about. I am so happy that this piece of technology was introduced to me. Jing is FREE screen capturing software! 
   Jing is amazing because you can create your jing video and then upload it or send it to whoever or whatever you would like to and anyone that clicks on it can watch it. I can see myself using this within special education if I know that I am going to be out for the day. If I would like my learners to complete a task online or even find their way to a google doc I can provide them with a jing video that they can watch as many times as they need to in order to complete the task. This is going to be extremely useful for special learners. I have like stated earlier used this software to introduce a lesson. The time is takes to create is so minimal and saving time wherever possible is one main goal of an educator. 

   Below I have provided a HOW TO use jing video.
  •    Refection:     I have created my final reflection is this format as a reference for myself and others if they forget or loose focus on how to use some of the things we have learned in class. I have also designed it this way so that I do not forget how I have planned to, or already use some of these technologies in the classroom. I have taken more from this class than any other I have taken at any university whether it be graduate school or undergraduate. I have learned that the uphill battle is not going to be understanding the technology but transferring it from understanding to implementing in the classroom. I have learned that technology is the future of our learners and if we do not teach it to them or provide them with the opportunity and the tools they are not getting what they deserve out of their free and appropriate education. I feel as though educators loose tract of that due to the overwhelming responsibility educators face today. That is why I set up this final blog in this format. I do not want to loose tract of what is really important. And if it does happen I have my own website to refer to as a reference to the possibilities of implementing amazing technologies in my classroom.   
5/4/2011 05:07:21 pm

I love that you set up the blog so that you didn't lose track as an educator....such a great metaphor! I also agree that this is the most beneficial class ever. It is our responsibility as educators to continue to educate ourselves especially in technology since it is going to be in all parts of the future. I enjoyed being your blog buddy! Have a great summer!

5/4/2011 09:51:23 pm

I agree with Cece that it is really cool that you set up your blog this week so that you do not forget the most important technology strategies and tools you have learned from this class. Keep in touch and have a great summer!

5/5/2011 01:41:13 am

Ok, first blog I have tweeted that was a students. Great work. I really enjoyed reading the last paragraph. You stated so well the whole under meaning of the course. THe dive and the passion, that is education and tech can be the tool. Keep in touch and good luck.

5/5/2011 01:42:47 am

P.S. Can I use this in a blog post? I will give you credit. Email me directly.


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